About Us 

Crafted Fixtures that allow products to shine in a crowded space

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Remedy Market is a manufacturer of well-designed fixtures that allow for products to stand out from the rest. Our fixtures are specifically made for a variety of Cannabis products sold in the recreational market. We have visual merchandising solutions for products such as Vape pens, Cartridges, Flower Jars, Pre rolls, Tubes, Joints, Extracts, Concentrates, Pods, Tinctures, Bags, Bottles, Canisters and more.

With decades of design & fabrication experience and working with some of the biggest brands in the consumer goods industry, we are now offering our expertise within the emerging cannabis industry.

Our visual solutions ensure brand visibility and effective use of retail spaces. If your store is in need of aesthetic merchandising and designer fixtures  - Let’s talk about it. We offer consultations to determine the most effective ways to showcase your inventory.